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Wordfetti Your Words

— AMY, Police officer turned Nutrition Coach and Founder of Nocturnal Nutrition

“I started my business just over a year ago, and although I thought I knew what I wanted to say, I’d always have trouble articulating it without sounding like a robot. Enter Wordfetti Your Words. The course included everything I needed to be able to speak as my brand - including identifying *exactly* what my audience needs to hear, how to ask for testimonials and feedback form clients without sounding needy, using different tones of voice for different situations and niching down to who my core audience is.

I’ve gone from struggling to know how to write website copy, emails, social media captions and ebooks, to having it all flow so effortlessly. It no longer feels like a chore, and I actually find joy in writing for my brand now, which I didn’t even know was possible! I absolutely 100% recommend the course to any business owner or entrepreneur who struggles to find the words for their brand. I can guarantee that with the ongoing support of the amazing Anita & her team, you’ll find clarity, direction and dare I say delight, in writing your own copy."

"I’ve gone from struggling to know how to write website copy, emails, social media captions and ebooks, to having it all flow so effortlessly."


"I have been following Wordfetti for a while now, and I really resonated with Anitas journey, I too am working in the corporate world, and side hustling while I prepared to make the leap to the big exciting world of small business life! 🎉

So I was BEYOND excited when I saw the Wordfetti Your Words program, it was exactly what I needed, and honestly was the best online learning program I have done to date! Firstly I completed it, actually finished every lesson, and walked away from each lesson with fantastic feedback and tangible strategies for my business and most importantly .. had an absolute BLAST!

Secondly, being part of a community of like minded businesses that are supportive, great humans who empower each other is an absolute godsend! 

So thank you to Anita and the Wordfetti team you guys hit the ball out the park with this one! And I highly recommend this program to business owners who want to take their business to the next level! 🌟"

"Best online learning program I have done to date!"


"Wordfetti Your Words team is like having group cheerleaders that are there to help you nail your business goals, deliver your message in a flooded market and help you own your unique self.
The biggest and overall life-changing result from WYW I got was been granted the permission to be different, and allowing my copy to reflect that. It had been a long journey for Dust to Diamonds Beauty Therapy to come to this point in business and I thank the team for helping me to achieve this.

I would recommend this course to anyone willing to take OWNERSHIP in the direction of their business. Don’t walk ... RUN I can promise you that the sprint to the checkout will be worth every puff and sweat!“

"Nailed my copy and got my message to deliver in a flooded market."


"Through Anita's guidance and insights the pressure of having to not only run a business but grow and expand the brand too, was eased. The WYW program teaches how to build a strong, cohesive brand strategy as a platform to grow upon, bringing to life content creation and cementing in place your business values and DNA.

One of the most powerful parts of the program for me was collaborating with other entrepreneurs on the course. Through zoom sessions with our group, the support, feedback and discussion with like minded people blew me away. Not only did it bring together people from all over the world but it connected people in a way that will continue long after the last module.

I truly wish I had the WYW knowledge 5 years ago when Alongside first started, not only for the epic content and teachings, but for the community and connections I've made that I know will be there to support every step I take in business (and life) for years to come. Anita and the team create magic with this course, instilling confidence and creativity, and plenty of fun too."

"I truly wish I had the WYW knowledge 5 years ago when Alongside first started"


"I joined Wordfetti Your Words simply to learn copywriting from the best in the industry. BUT I received way MORE than that. Lifetime support + accountability from a network of like-minded biz owners. Months worth of content for my biz to get started. Clarity on my brand mission and vision. Such a powerful tool for the long-term!

My mind was literally blown many times throughout this course because Anita knows what I want to say even when I don't. Anita pushed me to discover the value I can bring to my clients and I feel way more confident in general - I will be forever grateful for that."

"My mind was blown so many times."


"Upon meeting Anita at an event last year where she was guest speaker, I was impressed by her copywriting strategies and keen to learn more. I jumped at her program "Wordfetti Your Words" and I was really pleasantly surprised, as there was more in that program than I was expecting.

Anita takes you through her framework of fleshing out and developing your business' brand values, vision and mission, alongside the intricacies of consumer psychology, brand positioning and messaging. When all put together, it forms your business's brand DNA and honestly ... everything makes so much more sense when all put into Anita's framework.

Particularly for those who are DIY'ing their brand strategy, this program is a necessity. Anita also shows such passion and excitement for all the topics she delivers and along with her willingness to help and share with the group, while getting to know us individually, it created a little piece of magic that it a rarity these days."

"Everything makes so much more sense when all put into Anita's framework!"

1:1 with Anita Siek

Celinne Da Costa

"Not only is Anita a masterful copywriter, but she is a masterful business owner as well. It has been such a game changer to have one document to house everything to do with my brand. One that Anita literally pulled from my brain." 

Leah Crisell

"She sure did deliver! Not only did she 'get me’, but she also did her research and was able give me confidence in telling my story in a bespoke way. Her way with words and understanding humans is a real skill, and I’m forever trying to channel my inner ‘Anita' when I craft content!"

Sonia Patrikios, The Little Organic Co

"Wowsers, Anita is ah-mazing!!  I learnt so much about brand strategy, brand voice, content strategy and web design that I can incorporate in my business today. Anita, you are such a wealth of information and a breath of fresh air."

Liron Lavi Turkenich, Aravrit

"I decided to book a 1:1 Brain Juice strategy session with Anita. After following Wordfetti for a while, I learned how approachable yet knowledgable Anita is, and the session with her exceeded my expectations."

Jenny Waterson, Simply Smarter Numbers

“Anita has an extraordinary talent, but it isn’t just with words. Anita is also a naturally gifted businessperson. For me and my business, that was exactly what we needed."

Morgan Spencer, Martini Mondays

“Sprinkling strategic stardust, outside the box thinking and 'exactly what we were thinking' magic is what we received. From nailing our pitching materials and client communications to our new brand voice, website copy, up skilling our team and more, Anita nailed it all.”

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Retail & Lifestyle

Corporate & NFP's

- Afternoon Pick Me Up
- Baller Blends
- Calile Hotel Brisbane
- Lack of Color (in Net-a-porter, Nordstrom, Revolve)
- ilandco
- Kokopod (in Sofitel, Brisbane International Airport, IGA)
- Lee Bee Bridal
- Luna Bronze (in Mecca, Sephora, Urban Outfitters)
- Mindful and Co Kids (in The Iconic)
- Palmaira's Australia
- Personail (in David Jones)
- Pretty Earthy Pup
- Ruby Olive
- Soul of Gerringong and Soul Home
- Simply for Strings
- Rug Culture Australia (in Temple and Webster, Myer)
- The Grown Alchemist (in Myer and Mecca)

Personal brands

- Dana Falsetti
- Dr Rebecca Ray
- Lisa Messengers (of CollectiveHub)
- Libby Trickett (former Olympian)
- Mia Freedman (of Lady Startups and Mamamia)
- Mums with Hustle

- Aria Property Group
- Business Fuel
- CSR Martini
- Darwin Turf Club
- Digistorm
- Empire Group
- Home Instead
- IAG Limited
- Legalite
- Omnistruct
- Kyochon Korea
- Reelise
- Place Real Estate
- So They Cam
- Upstate Real Estate

Anita + Worddetti's


Lisa @ Energia Health 

“In a few hours, I’ve had 6 unique clicks to my website, and 3 bookings!!! I’ve NEVER had success from emails. They get read but never actioned. I used every tip and this sh*t works! I shouldn’t be surprised but I’m so excited I’ve finally had some success!”

Shannon @ The Prospect Projects“

"After umming and ahhing I purchased one template then after downloading immediately ran back and grabbed 3 more. Do yourself and your biz a favour, and invest."

Luca Broccolini 

“Thanks so much for the IG caption starters Anita. I took some advice from it in today’s post and haven’t had that much engagement in soooo long.!”

Kura @ The Cool Career 

“Just got my hands on a copy of the Instagram Caption Starters… All I can say is WOW…. weekend plans cancelled and instead I’m spending it scheduling my social media posts! Wonderful resource, can’t recommend it enough, thanks @wordfetti” 

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