Wordfetti is a strategic human-centred brand strategy and copywriting course. We teach brands that don’t do normal, create radical differentiation through our proprietary framework that fuses human-centred design,  psychology with words.

We have a shop and we have courses.
Whether it be words for your website. Words for yoursocials. Or even words in emails, sales pages or packaging...

We believe that the choice of words play a dominant part in how readers interpret a piece of writing, and that certain words have the ability to trigger certain ideologies and emotions.

We focus on one thing and one thing only. Words. Really good words.

Words to have you you zig while others zag (the funfetti way).

Check out the 3 core digital offerings at Wordfetti

If we were Hermes, this would be our Birkin bag, cause this is our signature program at Wordfetti. Learn how to think, write, and convert like a copywriter (even if you feel like you’re not a non-writer!) through our proprietary Wordfetti framework that blends human-centred design, psychology and words. 

(Doors open: April 2024)

Wordfetti Your Words

No idea what the heck to say on Instagram? I got chu. In this on-demand 90 min workshop be equipped with a tried and tested system to know EXACTLY what to say and how to say it, a simple 15-min activity to help you generate pages of tailored content ideas for your biz, and a step through of how you can turn 1 caption into 10 pieces of content!

The Caption Formula Workshop

Your one-stop-wordshop for all the copywriting templates, formulas and potions you need for your business. 

Open 24/7

The Wordfetti Wordshop

now open!
now open!
now open!

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Leoni Milano, Wordfetti Your Words 

"Anita is a master copywriter and absolutely inspiring leader. She teaches in a fun, authentic and impactful way that helps you implement changes from day one. This signature 'Wordfetti You Words' copywriting course is absolutely legendary and 100% delivers results."

Amy, Wordfetti Your Words 

"I’ve gone from struggling to know how to write website copy, emails, social media captions and ebooks, to having it all flow so effortlessly. It no longer feels like a chore, and I actually find joy in writing for my brand now, which I didn’t even know was possible!"

Megan, Wordfetti Your Words 

"Absolute game changer for my business. As a copywriter, I wanted to learn how I could get inside my audience's (and their audience’s) minds - Anita did not disappoint. Now? I'm well on my way to becoming an evil genius - word edition."

Codie, Wordfetti Your Words 

"The biggest and overall life-changing result from WYW I got was been granted the permission to be different, and allowing my copy to reflect that. It had been a long journey for Dust to Diamonds Beauty Therapy to come to this point in business and I thank the team for helping me to achieve this."

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Biz + Brand Strategist | Copywriter | Worducator | Speaker | Host of Brandfetti |, Creator of Wordfetti – a brand, copywriting, and marketing resource hub and home for brands that don’t do normal.