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To help brands that don’t do normal stand out, share their BIG message, and create a legacy that goes beyond the service or product they sell. 

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So why the heck do we absolutely dread it (or find it total snore and bore) when it comes to writing words for our own brand, eh?

This?! Is where I slide in...

A tool with the power to share stories. A tool to spark emotion and deep connection. A universal tool we all have to inspire new ways of thinking, cannonball powerful ideas, and invite meaningful action. 





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*Note, I no longer take 1:1 ongoing clients, the only way I work with my clients ongoing is through my high touch Mastermind. Alternatively you may wish to book me for a VIP Day!

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*oh look! a wild portmanteau appears. Did you know: A portmanteau is the blending of two words (like breakfast + lunch = brunch). Other portmanteaus I love include: brandiful, emoticon, ‘fettified. 

I mix design-thinking, consumer psychology, and words along with a bit (a lot) of confetti to help online business owners stand out, make more cashola and become front of mind for their audience by becoming their industry’s flamingo.

Lawyer (yep-a-dee-yep, I used to write things people don't read) turned Brand and Copy Strategist, and Word-ucator* for brands like you, who want to ZIG when others zag. 

Oh hello, nice to e-meet ya!
I’m Anita. 

Jenny Waterson, Simply Smarter Numbers

“Anita has an extraordinary talent, but it isn’t just with words. Anita is also a naturally gifted businessperson. For me and my business, that was exactly what we needed."

Celinne Da Costa 

"Not only is Anita a masterful copywriter, but she is a masterful business owner as well. It has been such a game changer to have one document to house everything to do with my brand. One that Anita literally pulled from my brain."

Elana Robertson, foundher

"If you want your brand to create real change, drive actions and inspire, and if you care about the powerful combination of education and experience that a partner can bring to the table and want to genuinely put the customer at the heart of what you do, then Anita and her team will make that happen. "

Leah Crisell, Brand Strategist 

"She sure did deliver! Not only did she 'get me’, but she also did her research and was able give me confidence in telling my story in a bespoke way. Her way with words and understanding humans is a real skill, and I’m forever trying to channel my inner ‘Anita' when I craft content!"

Meagan Kennedy, Kenmark Communications

"Anita is a one in a million: solutions, energy and as a cheerleader for your business she is committed to the cause! Anita is a branding and communications powerhouse of knowledge fuelled by her passion for words."

Simone Matthews, Soul Homes 

"Anita and her team are truly word wizards! They have a way of turning everyday statements into something that both read and make you feel amazing.  They went above and beyond in what they delivered. Highly recommend."

kind words

Subtract the overwhelm.
Add more hours to your week.
Multiply the audience love, trust, and ka-chings.

The Wordfetti Wordshop

Lisa @ Energia Health 

“In a few hours, I’ve had 6 unique clicks to my website, and 3 bookings!!! I’ve NEVER had success from emails. They get read but never actioned. I used every tip and this sh*t works! I shouldn’t be surprised but I’m so excited I’ve finally had some success!”

Shannon @ The Prospect Projects“

"After umming and ahhing I purchased one template then after downloading immediately ran back and grabbed 3 more. Do yourself and your biz a favour, and invest."

Luca Broccolini 

“Thanks so much for the IG caption starters Anita. I took some advice from it in today’s post and haven’t had that much engagement in soooo long.!”

The Cool Career 

“Just got my hands on a copy of the Instagram Caption Starters… All I can say is WOW…. weekend plans cancelled and instead I’m spending it scheduling my social media posts! Wonderful resource, can’t recommend it enough, thanks @wordfetti” 

12 Random Acts of Kindness to Nurture Your Audience

Burn Out And Being Kinder to Ourselves with Dr Rebecca Ray

Behind the scenes of my $200K program launch

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Brandfetti is a fun-sized weekly podcast dedicated to helpin’ you build a stand-out brand through the power of words. 

From copy and content marketing, to business, to consumer psychology and design-thinking, Brandfetti is a look into my brain, interviews with drool-worthy brands who are killin’ it in the content game, uber actionable tips ‘n’ strategies my team and I have tried and tested. And? A whole lot more (but you’ll have to listen in to find out ;)). 

Fluffery not included. 

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