You bring the audience. 
I’ll bring the party (and confetti, in the form of golden wisdom bombs).

Whether you’re a corporate organisation (this includes my government folk), newly hatched start-up, or a scaling brand – If I don’t have your audience leaving with AH-HAs and at least one legit giggle, I haven’t done my presso right. 

the low-down

You know telling your brand story is important. But nailing it (or heck, even working out where to start) is much easier said than done. In this presentation, I’ll be throwing down the 5 key characteristics of an uber powerful brand story, the 3 must-have story angles for any business, how to convey your story consistently across all touchpoints of your business, and how to supercharge your story into a conversion-driving engine, without feeling the salesy sleaze.  

101 on how to tell your brand’s story. 

Telling your Brand’s Story


Some of my most requested keynote topics include: 

the low-down

How does one become the Dyson of Vacuums (AKA the go-to in their industry)? Over the last 3+ years of building start-ups and scaling brands internationally, I have pioneered a framework that is underpinned by 3 core elements. Together, these elements help brands create a serious dent in their industries. This method underpins everything I do with my 1:1 clients and with my students through Wordfetti Your Words. And now? I’m sharing it with you.

The 3-pillar framework to create a stand-out brand.

The Stand-Out Brand Factor

the low-down

Here’s a truthbomb: writing great copy (that converts) has nothing to do with simply putting together a mellifluous sentence. In this presentation, I throw down 5 backed-by-science strategies to uplevel your copy and content game through consumer psychology. These are simple, instant, and actionable methods that your audience immediately implement and keep in their backpack (to be turned to again and again).

The art and the science of great copywriting. 

The Psychology of Words

Get in touch here to chat about me tailoring somethin’ magical to you and your audience. 

Somethin’ else?

the low-down

I followed an extremely non-linear path to copywriting. Nope, I didn’t have 10 years of experience in communications, PR or marketing. And no, I don’t have some fancy paper that says “I am a professional” copywriter. I was simply a lawyer (armed with a degree in Social and Cognitive Psychology) who fell in love with words and their power to trigger emotions and ideas in their readers. In this presentation, I share the behind-the-scenes journey of how I started, grew and scaled my brand Wordfetti and doubled our growth each year (even during the Pandemic!) and all the flearnings (failures and learnings) I experienced along the way. Plus, the 5 wisdom bombs I wish I could tell myself if I were to start the journey all over again. 

How I started, grew, and scaled a business knowing absolutely no one in the industry. 

From 0 clients to booked-out within 12 months 

“I wanted my students to learn all about sales psychology and the science behind the words, and I knew I needed to bring in an expert. Enter Anita: Bursting with enthusiasm, good energy and the occasional dad joke, it's clear that she's invested a lot of time into creating her trainings. My students found Anita's lessons eye-opening and detailed, while still simple to understand thanks to her many examples and exceptional storytelling skills. Anita went over and above - she took the time to get to know my students, she ensured every student's question was answered and she was just so easy to work with. I cannot recommend her enough! “

Anita went over and above - she took the time to get to know my students.

Steph Taylor

Anita's talk was amazing! It was Launchpad's biggest Ask Party in Hong Kong, and the audience was sold out. Her presentation was super engaging and full of practical tips and insights that were really valuable. Her examples, particularly the personal anecdotes, were super relatable, and she made it really easy for everyone to understand how to apply storytelling to their own businesses. Overall, Anita's talk was a huge hit with the audience and the Launchpad team. She is definitely an expert in storytelling and knows how to connect with her audience. We would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn anything about copy or storytelling

Our event was sold out and it was our biggest event in Hong Kong!

Kopal Manglik

“Outstanding. Is the first word that comes to mind for the workshop Anita Siek of Wordfetti ran for our dynamic group of entrepreneurs. Her interactive presentation was dynamic, insightful, and entertaining all at once! Her sheer intelligence and passion for her content was evident throughout, as she took our audience from deep thinking all the way through to high-level strategising. Not only that, she's also funny. Like REALLY funny, which makes the work feel seamless as she had us engaged from start to finish. Within her workshop there were plenty of 'aha' moments, and she dropped a number of 'gold nuggets' or industry hacks that our members are still talking about well after the event.

Anita is a fantastic and thoughtful presenter that ensured that our members walked away with practical actions to take to up-level their offering... I'd HIGHLY recommend one of Anita's workshops for anyone looking to up their copywriting and business game.” 

Her interactive presentation was dynamic, insightful, and entertaining

 Pru Chapman

'"After working with Anita on a few amazing content articles, we asked her to present a Masterclass to our audience on ‘how to tell your brand’s story’, and she was awesome! Anita had so much energy, was super engaging and made it feel really personal and bespoke for our community, not just a presentation she rolls off every day. Anita is an absolute delight to work with, we would recommend to anyone!"

Anita had so much energy, was super engaging and made it feel really personal

Bre Woolley, Business Chicks

“Anita delivered an amazing online presentation for our UQ Leadhers program on self-advocacy and personal branding on social media. She also talked very wisely about the art of networking and how to make it a meaningful engagement opportunity. I can't highlight enough how professional, empathetic, and genuine she was. And what a wonderful speaker and storyteller!” 

I can't highlight enough how professional, empathetic, and genuine she was.

Cayetana Martinez, University of QUEENSLAND 

“Anita recently joined a panel discussion on the topic: How to Build Your Brand and Portfolio Career and let’s just say- she over delivered. I asked Anita to be on the panel because I’ve been following her for a while on social media and I love her rawness, honestly, and genuine nature whilst dropping gold nuggets and meaningful insights left, right and centre.

Anita is the real deal and has gained her extensive knowledge by trialling and testing. She walks the walk and is an incredible role model who’s just starting her incredible journey. I highly recommend Anita for any speaking engagements or projects that involve conveying a message with impact!” 

Anita is the real deal.

Petra Zink

"I was beyond lucky to have Anita speak at Australia's leading 4 day/3 night Women in Business Retreat that I run yearly. She not only delivered an amazing presentation, but her ability to connect with the audience both onstage and offstage is an art. 

Anita truly brought her A-game to my retreat and I would definitely have Anita back to my retreat or any of my events because she's an absolute pop-rocket!"

Her ability to connect with the audience both onstage and offstage is an art.

Angela Henderson consulting

“I have been following Wordfetti and Anita for years! She is an industry-leader for her unique approach to copywriting and all things brand voice. When the opportunity came up to share Anita and her Wordfetti expertise with our community at Women in Digital it was a no-brainer! Anita shared her expertise in a fun, engaging, easy-to-understand and informative way! Our community absolutely loved the presentation and it will be one we remember for a long time! Anita - you made working with you simple and FUN and you provided so much value in the process. Thank you again!”

Our community absolutely loved the presentation and it will be one we remember for a long time! 

 Carly Shearman, Women in Digital 

“Anita, thank you so much for sharing so openly and from your heart at December’s end-of-year party! Thank you for bringing your beautiful energy to the room and for sharing your experience and genuine stories from your journey with everyone. I loved our conversations on the night, and I know the audience took away so many unique insights and practical tips to step into 2020 powerfully. 

Thank you for everything that you brought to the night and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

The audience was sold out and it was out biggest event in Hong Kong!

Christine Cochrane 

kind words

Create and Cultivate


On my speaking gig vision board:

Anita is also the host of Brandfetti, the podcast. A no-fluff fun-sized marketing podcast dedicated to sharing wisdom nuggets on copywriting, content marketing, verbal branding, the science of words, as well as stories of brands who are creating a dent in their industry one word at a time.

Some of Anita’s clients include Australia’s largest insurer group IAG, Lack of Color, Luna Bronze, Mia Freedman, Libby Trickett, and Kyochon (Korea’s largest fried chicken brand). 

You can find her here and here.

Anita Siek is a lawyer turned brand and copy strategist and creator of Wordfetti, a human-centred copywriting school and resource hub dedicated to  teaching brands that don’t do normal, how to stand out through her framework that blends consumer psychology, design-thinking and words. 

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