1.1 WORDFETTI PTY LTD ABN 89 622 835 901 ("Wordfetti") (we, us or our) provides the services offered through

1.2 This Privacy Policy has been adopted to ensure that we have standards in place to protect the Personal Information that we collect about individuals that is necessary and incidental to:

(a) Providing the system and services that Wordfetti offers; and

(b) The normal day-to-day operations of our business.

1.3 This Privacy Policy follows the standards of the Australian Privacy Principles set by the Australian Government for the handling of Personal Information under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act).

1.4 The publication of this Privacy Policy is aimed to make it easy for our clients and the public to understand what Personal Information is collected and stored, why we do so, how we receive and/or obtain that information, and the rights an individual has with respect to their Personal Information in our possession.


2.1 Our Privacy Policy deals with how we handle “personal information” as it is defined in the Privacy Act (Personal Information).

2.2 We handle Personal Information in our own right and also for and on behalf of our customers and users.

2.3 Our Privacy Policy does not apply to information we collect about businesses or companies, however it does apply to information about the people in those businesses or companies which we store. 

2.4 The Privacy Policy applies to all forms of information, physical and digital, whether collected or stored electronically or in hardcopy.

2.5 If, at any time, an individual provides Personal Information or other information about someone other than himself or herself, the individual warrants that they have that person's consent to provide such information for the purpose specified.

2.6 Our website and services are unavailable to children (persons under the age of 18 years). If an individual is under 18 years of age, they can only use our website and services under the supervision of a parent or guardian.


3.1 In the course of business it is necessary for us to collect Personal Information. This information allows us to identify who an individual is for the purposes of our business, share Personal Information when asked of us, contact the individual in the ordinary course of business and transact with the individual. Without limitation, the type of information we may collect is:

(a) Personal Information. We may collect personal details such as an individual’s name, location, date of birth, nationality, family details and other information defined as “Personal Information” in the Privacy Act that allows us to identify who the individual is;

(b) Contact Information. We may collect information such as an individual’s email address, telephone & fax number, third-party usernames, residential, business and postal address and other information that allows us to contact the individual;

(c) Financial Information. We may collect financial information related to an individual such as any bank or credit card details used to transact with us and other information that allows us to transact with the individual and/or provide them with our services;

(d) Statistical Information. We may collect information about an individual’s online and offline preferences, habits, movements, trends, decisions, associations, memberships, finances, purchases and other information for statistical purposes; and

(e) Information an individual sends us. We may collect any personal correspondence that an individual sends us, or that is sent to us by others about the individual’s activities.

3.2 We may collect other Personal Information about an individual, which we will maintain in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

3.3 We may also collect non-Personal Information about an individual such as information regarding their computer, network and browser. This may include their IP address. Where non-Personal Information is collected the Australian Privacy Principles do not apply.


4.1 Most information will be collected when an individual contacts Wordfetti via email or through the website's contact form either for services or enquiries. 

4.2 However we may also receive Personal Information from sources such as advertising, a customer or business's documents/records acquired when completing a task, public records, mailing lists, contractors, staff, and our business partners. In particular, information is likely to be collected as follows:

(a) Supply. When an individual supplies us with goods or services; or

(b) Contact. When an individual contacts us in any way;

4.3 As there are many circumstances in which we may collect information both electronically and physically, we will endeavour to ensure that an individual is always aware of when their Personal Information is being collected.

4.4 Where we obtain Personal Information without an individual’s knowledge (such as by accidental acquisition from a client) we will either delete/destroy the information, or inform the individual that we hold such information, in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. 


5.1 In general, the primary principle is that we will not use any Personal Information other than for the purpose for which it was collected other than with the individual’s permission. The purpose of collection is determined by the circumstances in which the information was collected and/or submitted.

5.2 We will retain Personal Information for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.

5.3 It may be necessary for us to disclose an individual’s Personal Information to third parties in a manner compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles in the course of our business.

5.4 We will not disclose or sell an individual’s Personal Information to unrelated third parties under any circumstances.

5.5 Information is used to enable us to operate our business, especially as it relates to an individual. This may include:

(a) The provision of goods and services between an individual and us;

(b) Verifying an individual’s identity;

(c) Communicating with an individual about:

i Their relationship with us;

ii Our services;

iii Our own marketing and promotions to customers and prospects;

iv Competitions, surveys and questionnaires;

(d) Investigating any complaints about or made by an individual, or if we have reason to suspect that an individual is in breach of any of our terms and conditions or that an individual is or has been otherwise engaged in any unlawful activity; and/or 

(e) As required or permitted by any law (including the Privacy Act). 

5.6 There are some circumstances in which we must disclose an individual’s information:

(a) Where we reasonably believe that an individual may be engaged in fraudulent, deceptive or unlawful activity that a governmental authority should be made aware of;

(b) As required by any law (including the Privacy Act); and/or

(c) In order to sell our business (in that we may need to transfer Personal Information to a new owner).

5.7 We will not disclose an individual’s Personal Information to any entity outside of Australia that is in a jurisdiction that does not have a similar regime to the Australian Privacy Principles or an implemented and enforceable privacy policy similar to this Privacy Policy. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that any disclosure to an entity outside of Australia will not be made until that entity has agreed in writing with us to safeguard Personal Information as we do.


6.1 We may appoint a Privacy Officer to oversee the management of this Privacy Policy and compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act. This officer may have other duties within our business and also be assisted by internal and external professionals and advisors.

6.2 We will take all reasonable precautions to protect an individual’s Personal Information from unauthorised access. This includes appropriately securing our physical facilities and electronic networks.

6.3 The security of online transactions and the security of communications sent by electronic means or by post cannot be guaranteed. Each individual that provides information to us via the internet or by post does so at their own risk. We cannot accept responsibility for misuse or loss of, or unauthorised access to, Personal Information where the security of information is not within our control.

6.4 We are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of any third party (including third parties that we are permitted to disclose an individual’s Personal Information to in accordance with this policy or any applicable laws). The collection and use of an individual’s information by such third parties may be subject to separate privacy and security policies.

6.5 If an individual suspects any misuse or loss of, or unauthorised access to, their Personal Information, they should let us know immediately. 

6.6 We are not liable for any loss, damage or claim arising out of another person’s use of the Personal Information where we were authorised to provide that person with the Personal Information.



7.1 Subject to the Australian Privacy Principles, an individual has the right to request from us the Personal Information that we have about them, and we have an obligation to provide them with such information within 28 days of receiving their written request.

7.2 If an individual cannot update his or her own information, we will correct any errors in the Personal Information we hold about an individual within 7 days of receiving written notice from them about those errors.

7.3 It is an individual’s responsibility to provide us with accurate and truthful Personal Information. We cannot be liable for any information that is provided to us that is incorrect.

7.4 We may charge an individual a reasonable fee for our costs incurred in meeting any of their requests to disclose the Personal Information we hold about them.


8.1 If an individual has a complaint about our handling of their Personal Information, they should address their complaint in writing to us via filling out our contact form/via our email with the subject.

8.2 If we have a dispute regarding an individual’s Personal Information, we both must first attempt to resolve the issue directly between us.

8.3 If we become aware of any unauthorised access to an individual’s Personal Information we will inform them at the earliest practical opportunity once we have established what was accessed and how it was accessed.


9.1 From time to time, we may send an individual important notices, such as changes to our terms, conditions and policies. Because this information is important to the individual’s interaction with us, they may not opt out of receiving these communications.


10.1 If we decide to change this Privacy Policy, we will post the changes on our webpage at Please refer back to this Privacy Policy to review any amendments.

10.2 We may do things in addition to what is stated in this Privacy Policy to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles, and nothing in this Privacy Policy shall deem us to have not complied with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Privacy Policy

Wordfetti (“Website” or “Wordfetti”) is owned and operated under WORDFETTI PTY LTD ABN 89 622 835 901.

1. Terms of use
1.1. By accessing the Website and/or engaging Wordfetti for our services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms of Use”). Your access to and use of the Website is subject to these Terms of Use.

1.2. Wordfetti reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use at any time at its sole discretion. Your continued access to and use of after such change constitutes your acceptance of the changes. As such, please review the Terms of Use periodically.

2. Users under 18
2.1. The Website is not intended for access by children, so if you are under 18 years of age, you need to obtain a parent/guardian’s consent prior to using the Website. We understand the importance of protecting children’s privacy, particularly in online environments. However, the primary responsibility rests on parents and guardians to properly supervise their children’s use of this Website. For more information about privacy, please review our Privacy Policy.

3. Services
3.1. Wordfetti provides professional, personalised copy-writing, editing, proof-reading and audio transcribing services. When sending content to Wordfetti, you will receive a no obligation, non-binding price quote. Quote inclusions will be specified in the email/quote form.

3.2. Copy-writers and Proofreaders and editors work from a standardised set of guidelines that describes in detail the process by which all documents are edited and created.

3.3. Any content created by the copy-writer as part of the copy-writing process will become the copyright of the client.

3.4. Any content created by the proofreader or editor as part of the proofreading and editing process will become the copyright of the client. 

4. Links
4.1. This Website, including Wordfetti eNewsletters (“eNewsletters”) and Wordfetti social media profiles, may contain links to third party websites. The inclusion of a link does not imply that Wordfetti endorses, has investigated or verified the linked websites. Wordfetti makes no warranty or representation concerning these links or the linked websites and you acknowledge that Wordfetti is not responsible for the functionality of these links, the security of such websites, the reliability or accuracy of the information contained on such websites, the copyright compliance, legality, decency, privacy policy, privacy practices or any other aspect of such websites. You acknowledge that you enter any third party websites at your own risk. It is your responsibility to review any terms of use or privacy policies relevant to such websites.

4.2. All prices displayed of services advertised on the Website, can be changed without notice.

5. Changing and discontinuing content
5.1. Wordfetti reserves the right to alter the Website and any Content at any time. Wordfetti may discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Website (or any part thereof), whether for maintenance or for any other reason, with or without notice.

5.2. You agree that Wordfetti shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Website.

6. Intellectual property
6.1. The information, text materials, graphics, logos, button icons, video and audio clips, trade marks (whether registered or not), advertisements, layout, arrangement, graphical user interface, look and feel, and control features of this Website are protected by copyright, trade mark and other intellectual property laws. 

6.2. You may not modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative works based on any of the Content (either in whole or in part) unless you have been specifically told that you may do so by Wordfetti or by the owners of that Content, in a separate agreement.

7. Copywriting
7.1. Copywriting is the creation of content for use by an individual and/or business. This includes content for use for the web or for the purposes of promotional activity. 

7.2. Example of copywriting material include (but are not limited to): Advertisements, Award submissions, Blogs, Company Profiles, Flyers, Media Releases, Product Specifications, Speeches and Web copy.

7.4. The Client acknowledges that from time to time, Wordfetti may engage sub-contractors to assist in a copywriting project. 

7.5. The Client agrees for Wordfetti to place its work, along with a hyperlink to the Client’s site on Wordfetti's own website for self-promotional services, unless agreed to the contrary in writing by both parties.

7.6. For copywriting projects, Wordfetti will provide the Client with three (3) rounds of amendments with no extra cost within seven (7) days of first draft submission to the Client for review. (“Review Period”)

7.7. Request for amendments are to be made via e-mail to Wordfetti, and should detail and provide clear directions and guidance to what amendments are required. Wordfetti will presume that the Client has accepted the original draft with no changes, if no emails requesting changes were made within seven (7) days of the commencement of the review period. The Client will then be provided with the final invoice to settle the project. Where a client wishes to "restart" the project following the seven (7) days of no emails requesting a change - there will be a re-start project fee of 30% of the total quoted project price. 

7.8. The Client understands that Wordfetti is not a legal service. Our legal copywriters use their legal education (Bachelor of Laws LLB and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice), experience and knowledge of the modern digital and corporate world when creating legal copy. We are not licensed practitioners, therefore, if you do require legal advice, we recommend seeing a practicing solicitor.

8. Editing and Proof-reading
8.1. Editing and Proof-reading (or "copy-editing") of your text includes checking the grammar (correction of all grammatical errors), spelling (correction of all spelling errors), punctuation (correction of all punctuation errors), consistency (imposing a consistent style) and textual structure (ensuring that the structure is well organised).

8.2. Copy-editing does not include development (any writing apart from ensuring consistent structure), rewriting, ghost-writing or critique or evaluation of the text.

8.3. For copy-editing projects, Wordfetti will provide the Client with three (3) rounds of amendments with no extra cost within fourteen (14) days of first draft submission to the Client for review. (“Review Period”)

8.4. Request for amendments are to be made via e-mail to Wordfetti, and should detail and provide clear directions and guidance to what amendments are required. Wordfetti will presume that the Client has accepted the original draft with no changes, if no emails requesting changes were made within fourteen (14) days of the commencement of the review period.

9. Right to refuse (editing and proof-reading)
9.1. Upon acceptance of the text, the Wordfetti right to refuse the job if it doesn't meet the standard that makes it possible for us to complete the job. In such circumstances, you will be notified via email, and your payment will be reimbursed.

9.2. When copy-editing has been completed, the client will have three days from the next business day to evaluate, accept or claim a re-edit. If the client fails to do so, the client is deemed to have accepted the work.

9.3. If the client does not accept the work, the client can claim a re-edit, stating their explicit reasons for doing so. When claiming a re-edit, the client must have made no changes to the content, and addressed all notes and comments from the copy-editor.

9.4. If the client fails to provide a reason for the refusal of edited text, the client is deemed to have accepted the work. 

9.5. If the client claims a re-edit, the copy-editor will do the re-edit at no extra cost to you. If you do not accept the re-edited content, and your claim is legitimate and supported by substantive proof, your payment will be reimbursed, and the copy-editor will not receive any payment.  

10. Deadlines
10.1. All dates and times provided for the delivery of the content are approximate, and based on previous orders of the same size.

10.2. Wordfetti cannot be held liable for any loss or damage caused by a later delivery time than the approximate one.

11. Delivery 
11.1. Completed tasks will be delivered through the use of Email(s), Google Docs, and/or the use of Dropbox unless otherwise discussed and agreed with the client. 

12. Confidentiality
12.1. Wordfetti acknowledges that we may be privy to confidential information in the form of sensitive or unpublished material. Wordfetti will not at any time disclose to any third party any information that is identified as confidential by the Client.

12.2. Wordfetti will protect such information and treat it as strictly confidential. This provision shall continue to be effective after the termination of this Agreement. This clause shall be binding on any employees, agents or subcontractors of Wordfetti

12.2. Owing to the nature of the business, Wordfetti does collect personal information from clients. For further information about how we store this personal information, please read our Privacy Statement. 

13. Payment
13.1. Payment of services from Wordfetti are in AUD.

13.2. For copywriting and proof-reading/editing services, a non-refundable 50% deposit is required and payable upon request and acceptance of service. A project will not commence until the non-refundable 50% deposit is paid to confirm. The final 50% is payable upon the completion of the project. 

13.3. Once the 50% deposit is paid, it will then be strictly non-refundable if the Client chooses to cancel and terminate the project prior to completion.

13.4. Where a Client has paid a 50% deposit, to secure a project commencement date, however wishes to change or delay the project commencement date, a minimum of fourteen (14) days notice must be provided to Wordfetti. Where the Client fails to provide this appropriate notice, the Client acknowledges that a 30% (of the total quoted project price) restart fee, will be payable on the final invoice.

13.5. Any refunds or cancellations will be at the discretion of Wordfetti, for exceptional circumstances. 

13.6. The Client guarantees to Wordfetti the due and punctual payment of any sum payable by the Client to Wordfetti. The preferred method of payment is by direct bank deposit. However, payment may also be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or through the PayPal Australia system.

13.7. If using a credit card or Paypal for business, an additional 3% surcharge will be payable by the Client.

13.8. In the event of non-payment: 
(a) all legal costs involved with recovery will be paid by the Client, on an indemnity basis; and
(b) where the account is referred to a collection agency, collection costs associated with the collection agency will be added to the balance outstanding and will be paid by the Client.

14. General disclaimers
14.1. The World Wide Web exists across open public networks that are neither secure nor private. Accordingly you acknowledge and accept the risk that any communication to or from the Website may be intercepted, used or modified by third parties.

14.2. Wordfetti does not warrant that access to or use of the Website will be uninterrupted or error free or that the Website or any material on or accessible through the Website is free from errors or viruses, worms, trojan horses or other harmful components.

14.3. You acknowledge that your access to and use of the Website (including the software operating in connection with the Website) may be interfered with by numerous factors outside Wordfetti's control.

15. Limitation of liability, consumer law and indemnity
15.1. Wordfetti Nor any of its officers, employees, agents or related bodies corporate shall be liable to you or anyone else for:

a. any delays, inaccuracies, failures, errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, viruses, communication line failures or for the destruction of, or damage or unauthorised access to, your computer system or network;

b. any defamatory, infringing, offensive or illegal conduct or material found in connection with the Website, including such conduct or material transmitted by any means by any other person; or

c. any loss, damage or cost, including, without limitation, any direct, indirect, special, purely economic, consequential or punitive damages, or any legal costs, arising out of, or in connection with:

i. the use of the Website and or Wordfetti;

ii. the use of information and or advice provided by you through Wordfetti; or

iii. you or anyone else being unable to access the Website for any reason.

15.2. You indemnify Wordfetti against any action, liability, claim, loss, damage, proceeding or expense (including legal costs) suffered or incurred by Wordfetti, arising out of, or in connection with:

a. your breach or non-observance of any term of these Terms of Use;

b. any Content submitted by you; or

c. any breach or inaccuracy in any representations or warranties made to Wordfetti by you.

16. Delay
16.1 You shall make all reasonable efforts to provide needed information, materials and approvals to Wordfetti in a timely manner. Parties should in writing, inform the other party using all reasonable efforts, should a delay occur or be expected to occur. You understand that any delays by you will result in a day for day extension of the due date for all deliverables.

16.2. We will presume that you have accepted our work with no changes, if no emails requesting changes were made within ten (10) days of the last draft provided by Wordfetti to you. 

16.3 . Wordfetti shall not be liable for any failure or delay in supply or delivery of Services where such failure or delay is wholly or partly due to any cause or circumstances whatsoever outside the reasonable control of the Company including but not limited to: war, strikes, lockouts, industrial disputes or unrest, government restrictions or transport delays, natural disasters, power outages, failure attributable to hosting suppliers, breakdown of plant, theft, vandalism, riots, civil commotions, accidents of any kind or act of terrorism. Should such event occur, it will result in a day for day extension of any performance or deliverable due.

17. Word-shop
17.1. Payment of products will be in Australian Dollars (AUD). Payment for products online will be made via Stripe. Full and punctual payment for product(s) will be required, to confirm orders with Wordfetti Pty Ltd. We reserve the right to amend and/or change the pricing and rates at any given time.

17.2. By purchasing a template, e-resource, or e-learning material from Wordfetti, you are granted one revocable, worldwide, non-exclusive license to the product(s) You have purchased. Where we find that you have violated this license by selling, giving, or redistributing our templates or products to anyone or if you imply they have the right to use it for his/her/its commercial purposes, we reserve the right to invoice you for the licenses you have gifted to others and revoke your access to our template(s)/product(s) permanently.

18. Law enforcement
18.1. Wordfetti reserves the right to cooperate fully with any law enforcement authority in any jurisdiction in respect of any lawful direction or request to disclose the identity or other information in respect of anyone posting any materials which violate any applicable or relevant law.

19. Privacy
19.1. You agree to comply with Wordfetti's privacy policy, guidelines and statements as may be applicable from time to time. Wordfetti's Privacy Policy can be accessed on the Website.

20. Amendment of terms and conditions of use
20.1. Wordfetti is entitled, at its sole discretion, to amend, add or remove any part of these Terms of Use at any time without notice. You should periodically read these Terms of Use. Your continued use of this Website or any product or service obtainable through the Website after any such change to these Terms of Use constitutes an agreement by you to abide by and be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use, as amended.

21. Choice of law and use of the website
21.1. This agreement is governed by the law in force in the State of Queensland and you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland, Australia and any other courts which may hear appeals from those courts in respect of any proceedings in connection with these Terms of Use or the Website.

21.2. Wordfetti has designed the Website for use only within the Commonwealth of Australia and makes no warranties or representations with regard to use by persons accessing, downloading or otherwise using the Website outside the Commonwealth of Australia.

21.3. If any of these Terms of Use are invalid or unenforceable, they may be struck out and the remaining Terms of Use will continue to be of full force and effect.

Terms and Conditions

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