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A 12-month high level intimate container for advanced high performing women (service -based) who are ready to step off the hamster wheel, laser in taking action that will drive maximum impact and create growth their businesses without the 12 hour days. 

Part 1:1 strategy and mentoring with yours truly, part mastermind, and part support, accountability, the experience is dimensional as it is tailored to the group.

The Fetti Mastermind is application-based and happens once a year only. 

Ready for that NEXT LEVEL?

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The ‘FETTI Mastermind 

by application only
by application only
by application only

Words, from one of my Mastermind members


Words from previous Mastermind members

"Anita Anita Anita, what can I say?

The Mastermind without being cliche, has literally changed my life.

You have opened my eyes to what was already in front of me. you have allowed me to have the space to work that out for myself. You have supported me like no one has ever supported me in my life, and on a business and mentor and friend level. 

I just want to tell you how amazing, and beautiful you are. It was an absolute gift and priviledge to do the Mastermind. Honestly, you are so amazing and I am so proud of what you've achieved.

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"I have never been so supported from a mentor and on a business level. This Mastermind has changed my life."


— Simone matthews (Soul Home)

I joined the Mastermind as I was looking for a comprehensive coaching program that would help me further grow and scale my business and continue to uplevel of my mindset and personal development and I have loved every part of the mastermind so far.

The Fetti Mastermind is one of the most expansive, holistic and valuable masterminds and communities I have been involved in. So many AHA moments and gold nuggets that have contributed to the evolution of my business and myself.

I met my revenue goals, increased my prices by 20%, took real steps to launch my first digital product and launched our flagship lead magnet. I have gained clarity on the vision I have for Bespoke moving forward and the services I want to offer & feel like I've learned some valuable tools to create email sequences and creating a launch plan.

"I met my revenue goals, increased my prices by 20%"

— Amy sanders robbins (Bespoke Lawyers)

I'd eyed off the FETTI Mastermind for more than a year before I joined. I was already in a pretty great place in my business, yet expansion was calling. I'd watched Anita blossom with her business - she'd already grown in ways I wanted to grow and into places I wanted to go - so I knew, strategically, her guidance was the right fit for me. I also knew she attracted fabulous humans and had a knack for nurturing her community... and *for sure* it was the people in this Mastermind, our camaraderie, that made this program different from the rest. As a result of our 7 months together, I've successfully launched 3 new services to existing clients and developed a product matrix for future offerings that will emerge in the coming months and years. I've created more space in my weeks for product development. I've doubled my monthly revenue. I walk out of the program feeling clearer about how to get to where I want to go. I feel more confident in my copywriting abilities. I feel incredibly supported. And I relentlessly believe in my own potential. I would say this is a great fit for anyone looking for a program that combines serious business smarts with a deeply human experience. Anita is all class and this program is golden.

"As a result of our 7 months together, I've doubled my monthly revenue!"

— kiah worling 

Joining the Mastermind with you Anita, was LIFE-CHANGING. I am so glad I trusted my intuition to join it. The entire experience was mind-blowing. Everything in my life has changed. My relationships, confidence, business. 

If I was to summarise the Mastermind in a sentence, it'd be this: it is going to be the most transformational journey both for your personal life and your business. It truly was for me personally, it was like you saw me and you just opened the door to what was possible.  It was like you knew exactly what the group, and me personally needed. Not sure how you do it. Literally from the first call, a tsunami was ignited. Through the Mastermind I not only birthed a new business but it facilitated the personal transformation that then led to my business. I would not have the business I have now, if it wasn't for navigating around what was blocking me personally. And YOU sorted that out.

I will always rave about your Mastermind. It's life changing for people. You facilitate amazing women, and it's been one of the best decisions in my life to join it. 

"EVERYTHING in my life has changed. My relationships, confidence, business. It's one of the best decisions I've made in my life."

— Jen Bowers

Before we joined the Mastermind, we were in survival mode, never having  enough time. Within 6 months of the Mastermind, our revenue tripled, and it stayed that way, month after month. We also began to be more intentional - taking clear actions to grow our business.

Anita is truly a mind-shifter. She helped us uncover the opportunities and ideas to grow the business. She is there to hold space when times are tough, calls you out when you're slack, motivates, encourages and challenges you to your highest potential. 

I'd recommend this to any business owner who is feeling stuck, lost or overwhelmed and trying to do it all. You don't have to walk this journey alone. Anita's Mastermind will help you to gain clarity and help you grow your business intentionally and live the life you want, not slaving away 24/7 for a life you dream of.

"Within 6 months in the Mastermind, our revenue tripled, and it has stayed that way, month after month!"

— Yee Qing (e-comm business owner)

Prior to joining the MM, I was feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and lacking clarity and direction. I joined in the hope that I could overcome those feelings and also because I got a sense that Anita would do more than just make suggestions but rather guide me to results.

Since the Mastermind, I've increased prices without opposition , hired 2 new lawyers (wow! dream come true), launched my Pharmacy Business Mastermind and exceeding goal intake number, getting to know myself more! I've never felt more productive in my business (from a working ON the business perspective). This is due to the support from Anita and other MM. The Fetti Mastermind has been lifechanging. From this experience, I've been able to make changes to my business which have improved my personal life, and vice versa. I feel like I have been taken to a new level, and I know myself and my business so much better now.

"The Fetti Mastermind has been life changing. I feel like I have been taken to a new level"

— Sarah stoddart (Vitality Law)

— Jo Kendall

"Working with Anita + Wordfetti has up-levelled my business and life in ways I could not have ever imagined.

And... she makes it all FUN!

The clarity that I have gained through our work has seen me become a published author, run sell out programs and so much more.

Anita has one of the biggest hearts I know and she puts all of her extremely talented and skilled self into all of what she does.

 I can confidently say that ANYONE who works with Anita + Wordfetti will benefit. Massively. 🎉🎉🎉"

"The clarity that I have gained through our work has seen me become a published author, run sell out programs and so much more."

I joined the Fetti Mastermind as I was definitely feeling overwhelmed trying to juggle all the things in my business and not sure where to next. I felt like I'd achieved my big goals and I didn't know what to focus on next or how to divide my hours into the many things that needed my attention on a day to day basis! The Fetti Mastermind has been life changing. I always thought masterminds weren't for me but I just hadn't found the right one. The mix between life and business was just what I needed. 

There are so many coaches out there that will say "Here's the roadmap - here's my success and how to replicate this exactly so you can make millions of dollars too." But Anita really gets to know you and your business and your values and encourages and supports you to find the solution that works for you and your unique circumstances. It's not a cookie cutter solution - it's literal life and value integration!

"The Fetti Mastermind has been life-changing"

— Casey Patch (Little learners club)

Before the Mastermind, I was very overwhelmed by my business. I was running a fairly successful small business but had no idea how to scale to the next level. I was also very much on the hamster wheel, trying to do a million things, and not knowing where I should be focusing my energy. 

I initially approached Anita for assistance with copywriting! What we hadn't realised was that she could also help us with so many other parts of our business too - strategy, launches, outsourcing, mindset, work/life balance etc.

The Mastermind was the biggest financial investment that I had ever made into my business, but it was the best thing I ever did. It impacted every corner of my business.  We've had multiple successful launches through the Mastermind. Our beta launch had a conversion rate of over 22%, and after our official launch in January this year, we had over 2000 members! In our April launch, we welcomed in another thousand new members! If you're thinking about it, you will not regret it. It's the best thing I've EVER done for my business.

"You will not regret it. It's the best thing I've EVER done for my business."

— Tamsin Bickersteth (The Hive and Mrs Learning bee)

— Jess Mcleod (the conscious space)

"I was drawn to join Anita's mastermind as she has always been an inspiration and I knew the benefits would go beyond that of a traditional business group program. I was not wrong.  Anita carefully curated the group and they too quickly became a core part of my support crew as we all navigated businesses through a pandemic. The guidance and camaraderie of the group, facilitated and nurtured by Anita, was a lifeline.
Due to Covid, I had to very quickly redesign our business model. A very stressful time as we had only just launched before the pandemic. Anita was a significant contributor to this process. I will be forever grateful to her for that. Anita spent time getting to know me and my business on a level that I did not expect. The mentorship dove deep. Her insights and gentle guidance helped me to see pathways that, being so IN my business I would not have otherwise seen. I STILL refer back to notes taken from our sessions.

The mastermind was an incredibly valuable experience. One that went far beyond expectation. 11/10 recommend"

"The guidance from Anita and camaraderie of the group, was a LIFELINE. 11/10"

"One of the reasons why I joined the Mastermind was I had a gut feeling that you had a no BS meter. You have been so incredibly patient with me in my journey, and now? I rattle off what I do. I do it with so much ease and confidence. 

You 100% overdelivered. You are an amazing cheerleader, and all of it has felt so individual. I feel so seen by you. I have learnt so much from being at the receiving end of what you do and it has shifted my world. 

You are a strategic powerhouse, you add so much value and you are generous (in so many ways). Having your eyes on and in my business for 7 months changed everything about my business. And changed me... The Mastermind is amazing value to have Anita as your own personal cheerleader, PRICELESS!” 

"Having your eyes on and in my business for 7 months changed everything about my business. And changed me..."


— Di Foster

"The Mastermind experience was honestly incredible.

Not only was the content thought provoking, insightful and refreshingly outside-the-box (having done plenty of business and mentor type courses in my time as a business owner) the group of people Anita curated was exceptional.

The 7 month program gave enough time to really dive deep personally and professionally, and see growth both in the business and as an individual. 

Another bonus was the one on one sessions, which meant we could really hone in on a specific areas of the business and use Anita’s brilliance to strategise and wordsmith improvements. 

The program was a great professional and personal investment, a true highlight of 2021."

"Having done plenty of business type courses, the Mastermind experience was honestly incredible"

— Leah Grinter (Brindle marketing agency)

— Janine Owen, grant'd

"The Fetti Mastermind was one of the most incredible experiences I have had in business and life.

I've known Anita for sometime and followed her Wordfetti journey from the beginning and knew how she had transitioned her agency from a full service done for you to an online digital business. I joined the mastermind as I had similar business plans and goals for Grant'd and wanted to have access and connection to Anita to learn how to execute on this vision.

 HOWEVER what I got from the program was far greater than i ever could have imagined. The community she created, the space she held and the ongoing support was priceless. Anita is the queen of surprise and delight and the entire 7 months felt like Christmas with presents and treats at every corner. I love Anita, she is the real deal, she knows her shit and she (over) delivers with heart and head. "

"The most incredible experiences I have had in business and life."

Words, from one of my Mastermind members

Words, from one of my Mastermind members

Words, from one of my Mastermind members

Words, from one of my Mastermind members

Words, from one of my Mastermind members

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