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Skip my waitlist and have me all up in your business.


Note: with the above option, your investment isn't just a "chit chat". It does include me in your business (literally) doin' prep work before our call together (so we can hit the ground running as soon as we're together). You will also receive a recording of our session(s) together, along with summary notes and actions sent following our session. 

This will be split over 2 days (5 hours total) where together, we will unpack up two to three core focuses in our Business, Brand and Content Marketing Matrix. Suitable for those who have a project to they'd like to unpack.

$5,000 USD 

VIP Strategy Day Experience

If you’re feeling overwhelmed as heck, stuck in content, copy, and brand paralysis, and feel unsure what that “next step” is to propel your biz and you’re seeking a strategic partner who will chameleon into your brain and business?

Then this option is for you. 

Clear answers. An action plan to hand over to your team. Direction, guidance, and a strategy to confetti cannon your brand, your message, and your content. 

Only 2 spots each month will be available. First in best dressed!

Want something ongoing!? Check out my 12-month fetti Mastermind.


Can't see what you're after? Just send me and my team a note!
Note, my 1:1 BRAIN JUICE SESH sessions are delivered virtually and will not have me writing your entire website or your Brand DNA. All sessions will be recorded, and you will also receive a full personalised written summary of what we cover a few days following our session (think of this as your custom action plan).

Website Audit

Website Information Architecture (IA) Mapping (aka what info should be on what page to optimise conversion)

Your content and marketing ecosystem

Content pillars and brainstorm of 3-6 months’ worth of content 

 this may include:

AKA how to drive the right eyeballs to your brand, and create loyal fans through content, marketing and your words. 

Content + Marketing

Brand positioning and brand voice 

Brand values 

Messaging to align with core offerings

Brand story angles 

 this may include:

AKA how to zig when others zag in your industry through strategic positioning, messaging and a powerful brand game plan. 


Mapping key service offerings/product suites 

Customer journey mapping

Audience personas, and Empathy Mapping 

Conversion, customer retention and profitability optimisation

 this may include:

AKA business strategy, how to increase conversions and lifetime value of clients and create highly profitable offers.


AKA my zones of genius. 

Business, Brand and Content Marketing Matrix


(Note, Teamfetti and I are currently humbly booked for Brand DNA projects until March 2023)

Your brand identity, spelt out.

Signature Brand DNA

*Payment plans available. Note, I along with my team no longer write web copy, sales pages or ad hoc copy etc unless we embark on a full Brand DNA experience together. 

From $7,500 USD*



1:1 deep dive
immersion workshop

brand dna

Your Brand DNA is the scaffold that supports everything (seriously – ev-er-y thing) that follows, including your website, marketing collateral, visuals, and your social channels.

‘Cause when the digital landscape is this crowded, don’t just join the party... Be the party.

After some copy? Teamfetti and I only work on (limited) copywriting projects with those who already have their brand DNA, created by us, locked’n’loaded and ready to roll.

In today's ever-crowded digital world, one constant remains: competition. 
To stand out in your industry, your brand and message must be strategised, consistent, unique and executed with more precision than samurai sword-yielding Uma Thurman in a yellow jumpsuit. 

Leaning on a tried-and-tested 7-step framework, underpinned by human-centred design, consumer psychology and the design-thinking methodology, Teamfetti and I will work collaboratively with you to uncover your unique sauce.

And better yet, we’ll show you how to convey this to your audiences.




Rational buying behaviours


Word bank

Celinne Da Costa

"Not only is Anita a masterful copywriter, but she is a masterful business owner as well. It has been such a game changer to have one document to house everything to do with my brand. One that Anita literally pulled from my brain." 

Steph Taylor

"Before I signed up to do a VIP day with Anita, I was really feeling lost with the direction of my brand. So I booked in with Anita, because I knew she was the go-to for the strategy. Within a couple of hours, I was able to walk away with such not only clarity on the next steps, but the brand vision, direction, and the messaging going forward and have this new invigorated energy!"

Mikki Auld

"Oh, golly gosh! I thought I knew my brand inside and out but after working with Anita, I realised that there was so much more to be discovered and explored. I'm super excited to smash our branding and socials moving forward. Thank you Anita for giving me clarity, direction and for making me JUST SO DAMN EXCITED for what lies ahead."

Leah Crisell

"She sure did deliver! Not only did she 'get me’, but she also did her research and was able give me confidence in telling my story in a bespoke way. Her way with words and understanding humans is a real skill, and I’m forever trying to channel my inner ‘Anita' when I craft content!"

Sonia Patrikios, The Little Organic Co

"Wowsers, Anita is ah-mazing!!  I learnt so much about brand strategy, brand voice, content strategy and web design that I can incorporate in my business today. Anita, you are such a wealth of information and a breath of fresh air."

Liron Lavi Turkenich, Aravrit

"I decided to book a 1:1 session with Anita. After following Wordfetti for a while, I learned how approachable yet knowledgable Anita is, and let me tell you this: the session with her completely exceeded my expectations."

Linden Stephens, IAG (Australia's largest insurer brand)

"Anita helped us bring our vision to life. Whether it be a face to face workshop or the multiple video conferences, Anita and Wordfetti were (and still are) excellent at listening to our needs and turning those needs into something truly special."

kind words

Words, from one of my VIP Clients,
Celinne Da Costa

For other 1:1 word magic like brand, product or podcast naming to deliverables that may not be on the website, please submit an enquiry here

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